Grown Alchemist is now in the UAE

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Beauty / Dubai

Hi guys! I know I know it’s been awhile but Inshallah, I will be posting regularly in this domain starting now. I got motivated so I’ll give this one another try. 🙂

As a lover of nature and organic brands. I was lucky to get my hands on one of the product from the newly launched skincare brand in the region called Grown Alchemist. It’s an Australian brand that prides themselves on clean beauty which means ingredients used are 100% natural.

Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream. I love the packaging it’s so neat and simple. The hand cream has a lovely sweet scent of vanilla. It’s non-greasy and absorbs quickly on the skin. You can tell immediately – it’s works like magic. My hand feels moisturised and supple in an instant.

I’ve been using it for a week now and I can tell the difference. My skin is more softer and cuticles looks so much healthier. I also use it on my feet too! I made sure I carry it with me at all times.


Products are available at Harvey Nichols.

I am looking forward to try more of their gorgeous products! Will keep you posted for reviews xx


Secret Garden

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Photography / Travel
Inverness Scotland

It was suppose to be a lovely sunny day to have barbecue then suddenly the sky got angry and started pouring. I now know why people in the UK are obsessed with the weather. One minute you’re in summer outfit the next you’re wearing wellies!

That was a good laugh though. Drizzle didn’t stop us from enjoying our barbecue with a gazebo that was almost blown away.  Just look at the face of this man certainly enjoying his food! xoxo

Wet and Wild Berries

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Photography / Travel

This moment. Right here. I remembered it clearly when both of us feel utter happiness. You know why?

Because we managed to sneak and ate some berries while picking! Hahaha

I am actually in progress of digging some photos from last years UK holiday. I didn’t realise I have so much so I decided to bring the memories back to life! (a few tweaks using VSCO Lightroom – Fuji Velvia 50)

Currently listening to this song and wanted to share cos they are awesome and they are Ricky’s hero! #BelleAndSebastian I am so random right? Ciao!