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Secret Garden

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Photography / Travel
Inverness Scotland

It was suppose to be a lovely sunny day to have barbecue then suddenly the sky got angry and started pouring. I now know why people in the UK are obsessed with the weather. One minute you’re in summer outfit the next you’re wearing wellies! That was a good laugh though. Drizzle didn’t stop us from enjoying our barbecue with a gazebo that was almost blown away.  Just look at the face of this man certainly enjoying his food! xoxo

Wet and Wild Berries

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Photography / Travel

This moment. Right here. I remembered it clearly when both of us feel utter happiness. You know why? Because we managed to sneak and ate some berries while picking! Hahaha I am actually in progress of digging some photos from last years UK holiday. I didn’t realise I have so much so I decided to bring the memories back to life! (a few tweaks using VSCO Lightroom – Fuji Velvia 50) Currently listening to this song and […]

Underground Tube London VS Dubai Metro

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Underground tube London

Having been in Dubai for three years – I have witnessed various incidents while in the metro.  Some are good and some are bad just like anywhere in the world. Last month I get to experience the infamous Underground London tube. Known as the oldest and busiest underground station in the world.   Dubai Date created: 9 September 2009 Modern style Well-maintained / Very clean Currently has 49 stations The train runs smoothly Some commuters (mostly)  will not wait before the ones inside the train […]