Beautiful Person

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We live in a society where beauty is often judged by how you look. I have always believed that real beauty is based on your  personality. Yes, you may be the prettiest girl in the planet but what’s the point if your attitude is the extreme opposite of your physical appearance.


Underground Tube London VS Dubai Metro

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Underground tube London

Having been in Dubai for three years – I have witnessed various incidents while in the metro.  Some are good and some are bad just like anywhere in the world. Last month I get to experience the infamous Underground London tube. Known as the oldest and busiest underground station in the world.



  1. Date created: 9 September 2009
  2. Modern style
  3. Well-maintained / Very clean
  4. Currently has 49 stations
  5. The train runs smoothly
  6. Some commuters (mostly)  will not wait before the ones inside the train can get out which is annoying
  7. The escalator is a mess: some commuters will not make way for others who are rushing. Some may even tell you to take the stairs!
  8. Security guards everywhere
  9. Reasonable tickets


  1. Date created: 10 January 1863
  2. Ancient looking
  3. Some rubbish littered anywhere
  4. Currently has 270 stations
  5. The train runs loudly
  6. The commuters are always waiting after everyone can get out the train
  7. The escalator has a rule: stand on the left if you’re just standing and give way to the rushing people
  8. Performers / musicians playing underground
  9. Expensive tickets

Yeah I know Dubai is new and there’s plenty to learn and implement everyday. I’ve seen much improvements like putting signs on each sides of the doors to wait until the passengers can get out. However there are still some people who ignore it instead they immediately get in to the metro first leaving you getting stuck inside! That is just horrible. Also, it wouldn’t hurt putting a sign like “Stand on the left side” so the people who are rushing can take the right side of the escalator. See? It’s called discipline!

These are all my observations and thoughts. Feel free to add. xoxo

My pretty notebook for writing and watercolour

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watercolour florals

I’m in a good form today because I am excited to start writing. When I say writing it comes with a notebook and a pen. I was encouraged to start doing it because Ricky gave me two Zebra pens (according to him it’s the best pen ever). Also I have read that there are many benefits from writing frequently. Of course blogging does count but it’s limited. I’m not that type of person who writes rants online instead I prefer to express my emotions through my little journal or diary whatever you call it.

I’ve been looking for a fancy one that comes with a leather cover but seemed to find it costly. Good thing I found this recycled notebook at Daiso which costs for only seven dirhams! I also spotted some watercolour materials and instantly grab one. That’s where all this new hobby comes from.

This is my first watercolour artwork inspired from Pinterest. I call this “Tree Tree Tree” because it’s obvious.

watercolour trees

Below artwork is the third and last work I made for the night. Supposed to be Dobbie but it looks like a combination of a Pug and a Chihuahua. 😛

watercolour pug

The second one you can see on the top set as my featured image. All these are inspired by some artworks I found from Pinterest. I’m not good in imagining my own work but I can produce something borrowing ideas from someone. I know practice makes perfect and it takes time to learn the techniques of painting.

Hopefully I will be able to constantly fill my pretty little notebook by writing, doodling or painting as I really enjoyed what I have produced today.

Thanks for reading! xoxo